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About us

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Transforming the wellbeing of others through music, and generosity.



Band Preservation Inc. is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to classic music of all types.


Our Motto “Where Music and Philanthropy Meets” says it all.

Starting in 2012 and continuing our mission today we are pleased to announce our growth continues to outpace expectations. As our support has grown, so has our ability to offer a partnership through programs.


Our programs highlight our ability to:

  • Involve new young musicians through educational outreach

  • Assist aspiring musicians in need of instruments

  • Offer monetary gifts to the arts

  • Reach a wide segment of the Arts community including dance, instrumental, classical and vocal.


Who We Are


The Continuing Education Scholarship - This consists of two monetary scholarships given to eligible students who are moving forward in the Arts.

Instruments of Progress - Many students cannot afford the fees of a rental or the cost of supplies. Over the last 8 years Band Preservation has assisted over 500 students by locating quality instruments and supplies to meet their musical needs.

Mentorship Through Immersion - Since our inception we have partnered with experienced professionals from the Arts to offer immersion through direct contact. Teaching style; techniques; theory and much more.



Our Programs


It is our goal to keep the Arts alive and well.

It is our hope that you will welcome the opportunity to become a part
of this great philanthropy through giving.


Please visit our Support Us page to learn more!

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